My metaphysical journey

My metaphysical journeyFor the sake of clarity, I want to loosely define how I will be using the word “metaphysical” and “metaphysics” on this site.  I am using it in the most general of senses – anything concerned with the nature and origin of existence and the limits to our knowledge of that existence.  If you want a more comprehensive definition, the online version of Merriam-Webster provides it here.

Since this is my first entry, I guess a decent place to start is the beginning.  My metaphysical journey began around the age of five, when I realized that I am a unique, autonomous being expressed through my consciousness inside my body.  Although I lacked the vocabulary to put it that way at that time, I remember having that thought, or better yet the curiosity and wonder of what that meant, what my purpose for existing was and is, and who or what made this happen — more clearly, why do I not only have a body, but also a non-corporeal element that makes me who I am.

It is my opinion that such questions about reality and our existence affect all human beings at one point or other and in different ways.  I also believe that because we live in a world that most positively and regularly yields cruelty, horror, and disappointment (with intervals of or relative fleeting moments of happiness), we all long for something outside this world for relief from the suffering and injustice we either experience directly or observe.  Most people will agree they long for something this world cannot provide them, something otherworldly, even if they are unable to explain just what that longing consists of or is.

These common human experiences have inspired me to write about them with the hope that others will join the conversation and provide more insight.  Most curious people have questions, which continuously circle around in their heads, for which there will never be an answer, but I do not think that fact should prevent discussion about metaphysics — discussion that could possibly help others on their metaphysical journey and ultimately the conclusions they draw about the world from their metaphysical beliefs.

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  • Margaret

    It sounds like you’re about to tackle a lot of subject matter in this blog.

    • admin

      Yes, Margaret. That is certainly the case.

    • rworldview

      Yes, Margaret, that is true. Thank you for visiting and reading!