About RationalWorldview.com

Rationalworldview.com is a blog aimed at those interested in philosophy, how philosophical beliefs form a person’s worldview, and whether that worldview is rational and coherent.

By worldview, I mean a comprehensive conception of the world (or logically coherent set of beliefs) that includes what a person believes to be true about existence, nature, God, knowledge, the meaning of life, science, rationality, human nature, and other similar metaphysical topics.

Occasionally, this site includes entries on current social and popular culture issues.


The purpose of this site is to exchange ideas and opinions about anything related to your worldview. On occasion social issues and popular culture may be the topic of discussion.

What you will find in this blog

The goal of is this site is to set forth a logically cohesive and rational worldview.  In addressing questions surrounding the nature of existence of both the universe and humanity’s relation to it, I will often write about the necessary implications a person must accept when he or she takes that step from obtaining knowledge to actually concluding something to be true about the world — the sum of such conclusions I will consistently call a worldview.

However, this website is not exclusive to philosophical topics.  It sometimes includes entries on social or cultural issues or current events.  Those entries are found in the “Other” category.

The author

My name is Christina and I graduated from Columbia, where I double majored in political science and history.  Since then I have worked in public relations and as a TV news writer and producer.

Why I started this blog

I enjoy learning what others believe to be true about the world (i.e. worldview) such as the nature of our existence, God, the universe, logic, the limits to knowledge etc., and analyzing whether those beliefs are logically coherent and rational.

This website is dedicated to:

anyone and everyone who wants to discuss philosophical topics, their worldview, and sometimes issues related to pop culture.


I invite everyone who has something to contribute to leave comments and send me emails.  I want to hear from you.  Participants are expected to follow the Community Guidelines policy, for this site. My goal is to eventually include a discussion forum.

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